I’m getting a tattoo and you can’t stop me

I think I said it on Facebook when I first decided to run, and registered for the marathon, but I’ll say again here just so there is no confusion.  If I finish the marathon, I’m getting a tattoo and nobody is going to stop me.  I’d most likely change the colors of all the options, and add ‘26.2’ if it isn’t already there.  I don’t know where I’d get it, not the ankle — I know that much.  So?  What do you like?

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If all else fails, I’ll get this tattoo


Seriously though, who goes into a tattoo parlor and says, “Well, you know, I really love two things: unicorns and racism — what can you do for me?”

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2 Responses to I’m getting a tattoo and you can’t stop me

  1. Kelli says:

    Oooh!! I like one of the first ones, the stylized runners. Maybe with the little wings? Awesome! But in color, I like color.

    Maybe we can go together, I have been toying with the idea of getting one. I already know what I want. I just have to find the perfect placement! I am thinking back/shoulder area, so I can cover it easily. Do you want yours in plain view or easily hidden?

  2. nettrz says:

    The tortoise would be cool…..

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