There goes the neighborhood

Okay, I have to blog this because it’s too good not to.

We were on our way home today and pulling into our neighborhood.  All of the sudden Grace starts babbling on and on about having “three wishes.” She’s listing all of the things she’s going to wish for with her three wishes…Polly Pockets, fairies, etc….  I’m only barely listening, because I just can’t listen to every word she says if I am going to maintain my sanity.  Just as she says the word “Genie,” I happen to glance in my rear-view mirror in time to see our nice, Sikh neighbor out for his daily walk wearing his customary turban and robes.  I almost peed my pants.

So we’ll be spending the afternoon on this website, because if she asks this poor man for Polly Pockets next time he walks by our house I may die.

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One Response to There goes the neighborhood

  1. nettrz says:

    Kids are too funny…One day, my 5 year old and I are outside. I say, “I need to get a screwdriver from inside.” She turns to me and says, “MOM, PLEASE DON’T SCREW ME!” I just smiled and said, “I promise I won’t”…..

    They do say the darnedest things….

    Thanks for the story….I always look forward to the next one.

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