The Home Stretch

It’s less than a week away.

I spent the morning writing down my expected/ideal time splits at each mile and where I’ll be along the route so my mommy can find me.  I also marked where I should take Gu and when I should be finishing bottles of Gatorade.

I know what I am wearing: my compression shorts because my thighs still need to be compressed…like sausage; my Pinnacle wicking tee (unless it looks like it’s going to warm up, then I’ll wear the singlet…but I don’t want to risk getting too cool on the course since now I know that cold boobies are my Kryptonite); my Balega socks (unless it’s raining, then I’ll wear my SmartWools); the Asics Gel-Nimbus 12; my Addidas hat (unless it’s looking really warm, then the Zoot visor) and my Target running bra (purchased before the boycott).

I’ve decided to carry a water bottle with Gatorade because I just cannot get the hang of running and drinking at the same time, and because I am a little paranoid about having to deal with congestion at the water tables.  I figure it’ll just be less stressful to carry it, at least part of the way — plus I can stuff it full of Gu.  I think I can fit 3 Gus in the pocket and carry one.

Gatorade flavor: Lemon-lime

Gu flavor: Just Plain

I’ve been working on my pre-run routine for several weeks now.

4:00 am: rise and shine (thanks to the time change the day of the race, it’ll feel like getting up at 5am).  Turn on Spirit of the Marathon.

4:15 am:  breakfast–pancake with raisins, banana, & macadamia nuts, syrup and 20oz of Gatorade.

4:30 am:  Start rubbing Voltaren Gel on pretty much everything.

5:00 am:  Apply anti-chafing and anti-blister substances.  Shoes on.

5:15 am:  Visit the potty.  Make “it” happen.

5:30 am:  Maybe a little active stretching.  Or maybe I’ll just vomit.

5:40 am:  Out the door.

I haven’t quite hammered out what I want to eat the night before or after the race but I’ll figure that out later since I’ve managed to make myself nauseous just writing all this stuff down.

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