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Busy Week, Tired Mommy

Today ended week 3 of my marathon training.  Next week is a recovery week, thank God.  We “ramp up” for three weeks and then have one week of lower mileage and intensity workouts before we bump things up for another … Continue reading

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As seen on the trail…

I do most of my training on a paved footpath that runs along the San Joaquin River Parkway.  Even on days when it reaches 106, by 730 p.m. the trail is warm but pleasant.  I am told I will really … Continue reading

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My Story, pt. 3 — the one with Mr. T

and now, the shocking conclusion!…. But things weren’t all normal.  Hope never cried.  One of the quirks of Prader Willi.  When she finally had the traditional “1st Birthday Party Meltdown” it was the first time that most of the family … Continue reading

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My Story, pt. 2: The Empire Strikes Back

the saga continues… The “New” Normal (p.s., I still hate this phrase and will slap you if you use it around me) But at least we got to go home.  Two days later, after they showed us how to insert … Continue reading

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My Story, pt. 1

So…I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a part of a “speaker’s bureau” of sorts comprised of parents of children with disabilities.  A few weeks ago I was asked to tell my story as part of the annual training … Continue reading

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Is it Gay Pride Month already?

no, it’s just my 4-year old’s birthday party.

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John’s Johns!

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