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The one where I get all preachy and political and stuff….

Dear Rahm Emanuel, et al…I think you’re pretty much a tool.  I elected a progressive, liberal, Democratic President and so far I haven’t seen him, and I blame you, Rahm.  I actually think it’s a pretty brilliant idea to run … Continue reading

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Storm watcher

OK, I’m going to come right out and admit it — I am a huge fan of gay marriage.  I love opposite marriage too, for the record.  I know it’s a hot-button issue right now, and I confess to having … Continue reading

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Change of subject…

It’s not all doom and gloom around the house these days, Grace still lives here after all. So Friday morning, after breakfast, I put Hope in her excer-saucer.  It has a small, musical feature that the girls fight over — … Continue reading

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I want my MTV…I think…maybe

MTV & the guys from South Park are behind a new show, “How’s Your News?”, featuring a unique cast of reporters — all with special needs/cognitive disabilities.  Call me crazy, but I think the fact that the South Park guys … Continue reading

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Prader Willi in the news: Mom Fights For Sons Life

  Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome are considered a higher risk for respiratory infections.  This story came in through my RSS today, we are also with Anthem Blue Cross and were similarly rejected for the Synegis vaccine because Hope has, thus … Continue reading

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Grace in unlikely places

This isn’t about this Grace:               It’s about this grace:                         Those of you who know me, or read the other blog, know … Continue reading

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The stuff that worries me when everything else is going great…

‘Unfair’ call hits Callum By HAYDEN DONNELL – North Shore Times | Thursday, 20 November 2008   BEN WATSON/Suburbans FIGHT FOR FUNDING: Callum Grace is deemed too tall to get the growth hormone that could help fight his rare genetic … Continue reading

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